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Have a garden question which has been nagging you? How do you get rid of those pesky deer that have been making a mess of your hostas? The purpose of this web page is to help you download, view and print our care and tip sheets. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us at:














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Some  care sheets though listed are not available now but will be shortly.

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Hanging Baskets

Garden critters

Pesticides and Fertilizers

Plant care

Lawn Care


Impatiens Controlling Deer Types of pesticides Cool Weather Annuals Controlling crabgrass Container gardening
Tuberous Begonias Butterflies in the Garden Plant Nutrients Growing Lettuce Lawn Fertilizing Creating Water Gardens
New Guinea Impatiens Bird Feeding Chart Understanding Fertilizers Growing Cabbage   Wheel Chair Gardening
Cleaning Bird feeders Using pesticides safely Growing a Vegetable Garden   Calculating measurements in garden
Lantanas Hummingbird Care Aphid Control Caladium Care   Harvesting Vegetables
Scaevola Plants which attract butterflies Mosquito control Care of pansies and violas   Basil lore and legend
Fuchsias Types of birdfeeders Plant Diseases Dividing Perennials    
Verbenas Mosquito control Snail Control Annuals for shade    
Ivy Geraniums Plants That Attract Birds Fertilizing Plants Mum care    
  Garden slugs and snails Control Chemicals and fertilizers Plant Diseases    
  Getting rid of squirrels Fertilizing Annuals and Perennials Primrose Care    
  Attracting Bees to your Backyard   Care of Garden Mums   Holiday Plants
      Success with tulips   Poinsettia
      Bulb buying tips   Amaryllis
      Planting  bulbs   Cyclamen
      Care of Knockout Roses   Kalanchoe
          Paperwhite Narcissus
          Christmas Cactus



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